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This Book is dedicated to assessing Government policies, laws, regulations and petroleum prospects of Inland Oil Basins. The Author provides case studies of resource rich African nations that have successfully opened up their Countries to pioneer exploration. We highlight E & P Companies that helped Frontier Countries achieve their potential. This will enable us identify appropriate policies that can be replicated within the Nigerian context. The Book tackles complex issues facing policy makers. By highlighting short comings and failures of existing Policy on Inland oil Basins, the Author hopes to generate intense debate on the matter with the hope that it can lead to meaningful reforms.

New Oil & Gas discoveries in Inland oil basins is capable of creating thousands of jobs, substantially grow our economy and rise Billions of dollars in Government revenues. In canvassing issues, the Author adopts a multi-disciplinary approach which involves applying principles of basic geology, economics, petroleum taxation and Law in arriving at recommendations. The aim of this Book is as follows;

i.              To provide credible information on petroleum potential of under explored Inland basins of Nigeria based on empirical study.

ii.             To establish the link between Inland basins of Nigeria and geological formations in African Countries like Ghana, South Sudan, Chad, Uganda and Kenya where oil has recently been discovered in commercial quantities.

iii.            To demonstrate geological similarities of sedimentary formations originating from opening of the South Atlantic Ocean

iv.           To provide credible information based on empirical study that geological formations originating from opening of South Atlantic Ocean have one of the highest global rates for petroleum finds.

v.            To enlighten Stakeholders, Policymakers, Regulators, Host States, Petroleum Companies, investors, etc on attractive incentives required to promote investment in the Inland Oil Basins.

vi.           To enlighten Stake holders, Policymakers, Regulators, etc based on credible data that de risking inland basin is long drawn process that often takes time, despite initial setbacks.


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